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Attendance policy


All parents want their children to do well at school.

To make the most of school, children have to be there.

Please try to make sure:-

o    Your child arrives at 8:45 each morning.

o    Your child comes to school every day.

The school will:-

o    Provide advice if you are having any difficulties.

Top Tips

o    If your child needs to miss school because they are unwell, please make sure you ring the office before 8.30 am on their first day of absence.

o    You need to report your childs absence dailyDo not wait until they return.

o    Please try to organise doctor and dentist appointments out of school hours. If this is not possible, they should still only miss part of the school day.

o    Authorised absences are unavoidable absences due to circumstances such as illness and medical appointments.

o    Unauthorised absences are avoidable absences due circumstances such as shopping trips, looking after children, day trips.


Holidays in Term Time

Parents are strongly encouraged to take family holidays during the school holidays. We feel that attendance at school is vital if your child is to be as successful as we would all like. No holidays will be authorised during term time. Any holidays taken will be recorded as unauthorised on a child’s attendance register. Any requests for absence due to special circumstances on medical, religious or compassionate nature should be made in writing to the Headteacher.


The school may request a penalty notice from the local authority for any child with more than 10 unauthorised sessions within a 7 week period.   This is a fixed penalty of £60 for each parent/carer per child. (If paid within 28 days, rising to £100 thereafter)

If you need further information regarding attendance please see our policy above.

Attendance Matters

Regular school attendance is essential to give your child the best opportunities in life.

Good attendance means a child is less likely to fall behind with their work and more likely to do well in exams.

Research suggests that students who attend school regularly could be less likely to be involved in antisocial behaviour or crime.

Attendance percentage equates to the amount of school time missed

  1. Attendance during one school year
  1. Equivalent Days
  1. Equivalent Sessions
  1. Equivalent Weeks
  1. 95%
  1. 9 Days
  1. 18 Sessions
  1. 2 weeks
  1. 90% 
  1. 19 Days
  1. 38 Sessions
  1. 4 Weeks
  1. 85%
  1. 29 Days
  1. 58 Sessions
  1. 6 Weeks
  1. 80%
  1. 38 Days
  1. 72 Sessions
  1. 8 Weeks
  1. 75%
  1. 48 Days
  1. 96 Sessions
  1. 10 Weeks
  1. 70%
  1. 57 Days
  1. 114 Sessions
  1. 11.5 Weeks
  1. 65%
  1. 67 Days
  1. 134 Sessions
  1. 13.5 Weeks

Every Minute Matters

If you child arrives late to school everyday, their learning begins to suffer.

5 minutes late every day adds up to missing 3 school days

10 mins late every day adds up to missing 6.5 days of school a year.

15 ins late a day means your child is missing 10 days of school a year.

being late by 20 mins each day means your child misses 13 days of school a year.

missing 30 mons of school every day means your child misses 19 school days a year.



How can Parents and Carers help to ensure good attendance at school: -

  • Send your child to school every day
  • Ensure child is arrives punctually
  • Ensure child know how important education is
  • Encourage your child and show an interest
  • Attend school open evenings and school events
  • Avoid taking family holidays during term time
  • Make sure your child gets a good night rest


Absences can hide problems that we could be sorting out together.

If your child is not wanting to attend school for any reason (feeling unwell etc) often is a sign that there is something worrying your child.

Even small issues can be massive worries or concerns to a child.  If your child behaviour changes or they are pretending to be sick or just wanting to make excuses to stay at home please consider if there is something worrying your child and speak to the school.


What should you do if your child refuses to attend school?

  • Make contact with the school – we may be able to help
  • Do not cover for your child
  • Help the school to help put things right
  • Make sure that the child understands that you do not approve of them being absent

It is the parent’s and Carers responsibility to let the school know the reason for their child’s absence as soon as possible, on the first and every day of the absence.

Parents and Carers can only explain absences; they cannot authorise them.

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