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Kapow Computing units covered

What the national curriculum asks:


The National Curriculum wants schools to provide a high quality computing education that will equip students with the skills to use computational thinking and the creativity that enables them to understand and change the world.

Computing has deep links with maths, science, D&T.

Computing also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.


Barley Close intent:


At Barley Close, our intent for computing is for our children: 


  • have a love for learning by making lessons practical and engaging 
  • to be computer literate
  • to be exposed to different computing programmes, vocabulary and how to use it.
  • to be confident with technology and its many uses.
  • to understand how to be safe online and to question the authenticity of the things they read.
  • To be mindful of what they share online and who can access it.



Barley Close Implementation: 


Computing is taught throughout the school in weekly lessons and is delivered by class teachers.  From Term 5 , the school will follow the Kapow scheme which covers units of study linked to the National Curriculum. In Term 4, the children will be practising basic skills and filling any gaps in skills missed during Lockdowns. We also offer STEM opportunities using a coding club and entering a coding competition – building a robot out of lego and coding it to interact around a mat.

E-safety is taught by class teachers through discussion during the lessons, but also reinforced during JIGSAW sessions.


Barley Close impact: 


All children will understand how computing can be involved in every day life.  Children will be able to make links between their computing learning and the wider environment. It will also teach the children transferable skills such as: patience, photography skills, use of basic computer programmes, coding. This ensures the children develop into computer literate citizens with an awareness of internet safety.

Miss Coyne's Lego Club 

Miss Coyne has been running a lego club, with some very keen coders.   The aim has been to build a robot and then using LEGO Spike Prime to code the robot in order to interact with various models and gain points for the tournament.  We have had a number of boys and girls, from both  Year 5 and 6 participating, it has been a great experience to get everyone together and work as a team. 


Entering against a number of other schools within Bristol in January 2022 and we came third!   Only 10 points in it between us and first place.  What an achievement for our first ever lego tournament!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed coding the robot, we have had so much fun and we have all really enjoyed this experience.

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