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Term 2 Learning

Term 2 Week 7 Learning update

We have had a very busy week in Year 1! 


The children have worked so hard on their Christmas production and all the adults were so proud of how well they did in their performances! They have loved learning the songs and will probably be singing them through the holidays!


In English, we learned about poems and used our senses to describe Christmas festivities. The children tasted mince pies as part of this learning- most enjoyed them but there were a few who are definitely not mince pie fans! 


In Maths, we carried on our learning about measuring and comparing weights. We explored whether larger items are always heavier or not. 


Panthers also had their first ever Free Art Afternoon! This is a new initiative that we are trying as a school to ensure that the children have access to Art provision outside the curriculum we teach and an opportunity to be creative and direct their own artistic learning. Panthers absolutely loved it- their favourite activity was sculpture using playdough- we created lots of different animals using different sculpting techniques and tools. 


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a restful and relaxing break! See you in the new year!

Term 2 Week 6 learning update:

This week has been packed full of festive fun! We have been rehearsing our Christmas production, which we can't wait to share with you on Wednesday. 


We have focused on measuring this week in Maths and comparing mass/ weight. The children have a homework activity set on MyMaths to support this learning and to help them revise what they learned in class. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed our core text this week, Wonky Donkey. The children had great fun describing the Wonky Donkey using  patterned language from the text!


In RE we discussed the importance of the Christmas story for Christians and we completed our History unit on the Gunpowder Plot. 


Spellings quiz for 6th January (we will not have a spelling test on the last day of Term 2):


  1. stink
  2. drank
  3. think
  4. here
  5. his


The rule this week is: word endings ‘nk’.

Term 2 Week 4 Learning update:

In English, we have been writing a non-chronological report about dragons. We have been creating our own dragons and writing about where they live, what they eat and what they look like.


In Maths, we have been learning to partition teen numbers into tens and ones, comparing and ordering numbers. 


In Science, we went on a wintery walk and looked for signs of autumn changing to winter. We drew pictures and  wrote about what the weather is like in winter.  


In DT, we started making our moving cards- we are using sliders and levers!


In Forest School, we made dragon pictures from natural materials. We really enjoyed doing this!


We have been continuing to sing our Christmas performance songs and they are now sounding beautiful- we can't wait for you to hear them! 


Spellings quiz for 30th November:


  1. spoon
  2. tooth
  3. roof
  4. has
  5. he


The rule this week is: vowel digraph ‘oo’.

Term 2 Week 3 Learning Update.

In Maths, we have been recapping place value (tens and ones), using vocabulary like 'one more' and 'one less' and using the symbols < > and =. 


In English we have been labelling a dragon and writing a non-chronological report. We had great fun looking for signs of dragons in the Forest School area! Have a look at some pictures below of our lesson where we interviewed each other in pairs pretending to be dragon experts!


In History, we have found out what happened to 'Guy Fawkes' in the Gunpowder Plot. We sequenced the story using pictures and some annotations. 


In Music, we have been listening and appraising some different types of music, we spoke about what we liked/disliked about them and what music we could hear.  As well as this, we have been learning some of our Christmas performance songs (It feels very early!). You will have some more information about this shortly. 


We have been very lucky to have some new markings on the playground for us to play with. We have some activity trails and some long jump, so we have been enjoying using these! 


Spellings quiz for 24th November:


  1. blow
  2. snow
  3. show
  4. today
  5. me


The rule this week is: vowel digraph ‘ow’.


Interviewing each other as dragon experts!

Term 2 Gym Coach sessions!

Learning update- Term 2 Week 1


It's been a very wet and windy week, but the children have worked hard and had lots of fun! 


They have particularly enjoyed learning all about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night- we would love to see pictures of any celebrations you attend over the weekend! Unfortunately the bonfire we had planned to hold in Forest School had to be postponed due to rain, but we will do this later in the term. 


This week in Maths, we have been learning how to add using different methods. We introduced the children to numberlines but also used objects to practise adding. Next week, we are learning to subtract. In English, we have been learning to write a character description of the witch in our new story, Room on the Broom. The children have really enjoyed this book. They used adjectives and the conjunction "and" to expand and improve their sentences.


In Science, we learned about the properties of materials and how to write some of these words. 


In PE, we have started our sessions with the visiting Gym coaches- the children loved trying out some new equipment! See the photos above of our first session!


Coming soon: We will begin adding activities to the MyMaths website for the children to complete at home each week. The activities set will support what they have been learning in class. We will send home login details soon!

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