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Term 3 (Jan - Feb)

Key Dates for Term 3

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Inset Day

Wednesday 3rd January 2024Term 3 starts
Friday 9th February 2024

Pupil of the term assembly


End of term 3

Week 1. 

This week we introduced Drawing Club which hopes to spark the children's imagination as they draw their own ideas about a particular character or story setting.  We had some amazing pictures and secret codes which allowed their pictures to 'come to life' or 'grow'.  In maths we reviewed learning from terms 1 and 2 including the number sequence and subitising up to 3 objects.  PE this term is around invasion games.   


Week 2.

In English this week we introduced the idea of a fiction and non-fiction texts.  Our traditional tale was the 3 little pigs and the children enjoyed moking houses out of straw, sticks and bricks.  On Wednesday we challenged them to write sentences about the story and draw a story map on Thursday.  On Friday children examined resources provided by Avon Fire and Rescue thinking about fire safety and the role of the fire service.  In maths we concentrated on combining groups 'altogether' working toward number sentences and simple addition later in the year.


Week 3.

Our English text was 3 billy goats gruff so the children explored the characters and built bridges in the provision.  In maths we considered quick ways to make 6 and 7 using our known fact of 5 (fingers on our hand) and adding a bit more.  We used the sentence 5 and a bit makes six.  The children were challenged to identify 7 when it was represented as cubes/fingers/Numicon and numerals on a worksheet.  They are becoming great mathematicians!


Week 4

This week we have been reading "The Ugly Duckling."

Through this we looked at the similarities and differences between each other and celebrated them.

In Maths we went "bird watching" counting birds hidden around the classroom and outdoor area. We also looked at 8 and 9, and how to make them using "5 and a bit".

We enjoyed a walk to Page Park to look at the birds, and a quick play in the playground.


Week 5.

This week we read What the Ladybird Heard and based our writing and activities around themes from the text.  The children created wanted posters for Lanky Len before the Police visited on Wednesday so they could help us find the criminals!  The children enjoyed the Police visit and we talked about the Police's main role of keeping people safe.  In maths we considered different ways of making 5 and the children used Numberblocks, lady bird spots and 5's frames to try this themselves. 




Week 6

This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year.

We looked at the story behind why the years are named after animals. We tasted some Chinese food and had a go at writing Chinese characters.

We learnt a Red Ribbon dance, and created our own Dragon and paraded him around the playground to wish others health and happiness.

In Maths we explored money, looking at the similarities and differences between different coins. We also started to look at subtraction from 10 using objects. We used the stem sentence 

10 subtract __ is  __ to give our answers.

In PE we continued to practice our ball skills by rolling and throwing underarm at a target.


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