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Department for Environment and Community Services



23 rd July 2020

Barley Close Primary School



Barley Close        




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Dear resident/parent,

RE: Barley Close Community Primary School - Proposed 'School Street'

The lockdown response to the Covid-19 pandemic has led to people using vehicles less and taking daily exercise more and we have a unique opportunity to lock in' the benefits of active travel, reduced air pollution and reduced carbon emissions. Traffic was at the same level as it was in the 1950's but is increasing daily and cycling in some locations is double pre-Covid-




On the 9 May the Department for Transport issued statutory guidance of the reallocation of road space to encourage cycling and walking and enable social distancing. Measures needed to be taken quickly given the urgent need to change travel habits before the 'restart' following lockdown takes full effect. We are still required to practise gsocial-distancing' and the expectation is that this will continue for the foreseeable future.


A priority area to meet these statutory requirements is to provide safe access for pupils and families attending schools.

To further maintain social distancing and to continue to encourage safe access to and from schools, it is the council's intention to introduce an experimental part time 'school street' road closure with a view to permanently implement such measures in future.

School streets is part of a national campaign which also addresses other concerns affecting schools such as reducing traffic congestion, improve air quality, general road safety outside schools, as well as encouraging active travel to school and healthier lifestyles for families.

Therefore, following a request from Barley Close Community Primary School, an experimental 'school street' road closure is planned to be operational on Barley Close starting in September 2020

The purpose of this scheme is to prohibit motorised traffic entering Barley Close between st September and 31 st July, 8:30 — 9:20am and 2:30 — 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained by a member of staff from the school. Residents within this section of road will be asked to avoid entering and leaving during the am and pm closure each day.


Director for Environment and Community Services

Streetcare, Transport and Waste, Design & Operations Team, P O Box 1 954, Bristol, BSS7 ODD

Tel• 01454 868004 E-mail:   


The proposed scheme is to impose a 'pedestrian and cycle' zone under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) and at the end of the ETO period a decision will then be made on whether to introduce the scheme permanently. Relevant signing and retractable permanent bollards will be installed in the highway, specifically at the closure point to the zone, to ensure that the scheme is achieved as intended.

Existing school street schemes introduced by other councils have shown that the success of the scheme is reliant on the full involvement of the school and community. Therefore, we would appreciate your support to make the school a safer place, especially in these unprecedented times.

The consultation opens on the 23rd July 2020, if you wish to comment on the scheme please respond by 6th August 2020 to have your say. To respond to the consultation and have your views taken into account from an early stage, you must complete the online questionnaire. Please note, you will be able to formally comment of the proposed scheme during the Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) consultation period in September 2020.

You can view drawings and further details about the planned scheme online at or by using the QR code below and for more information about our plans for making public places in South Gloucestershire safer visit

If you do not have access to the internet and wish to have a paper copy of all the information and questionnaire to complete, please request a copy by calling 01454 864673.

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We hope you continue to stay safe and well.

Yours faithfully,                                                                Scan Here:

Kelly Huggins

Place Engineering

Streetcare, Transport and Waste

South Gloucestershire Council

Nigel Riglar

Director for Environment and Community Services

Streetcare, Transport and Waste, Design Operations Team, P O Box 1 954, Bristolr BS37 ODD

Tel: 454 868004 E-mail: www

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