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Maths Week - 24th November

During the week of the 24th November, it is Maths week in school. 


On Monday, 24th November, we would like all children to come dressed as a Mighty Multiples character. This is linked to our timestables scheme in school where sporting heros succeed in their timestables. 


The characters are 100m Peter, 200m Travis, 400m Sinitta, Cycling Susie, Long Jump Jim, Javelin John, Freestyle Freda, High Jump Heather, Triple Jump Tracey, Shot Put Tony, 100m Glenda, class champ, Barley close champ or a star player. 


Please don't worry though, any PE clothing will be suitable but if you can link to a character, even better.


We have also sent our letters inviting you to workshops at different stages in the week for your child's class. We hope you can make it.


I am sure it's going to be a great week.


Mrs Capel

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