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PGL day 3

We had a good night's sleep and an enormous, delicious breakfast! 

After getting ready, we split into groups and each did different activities. 

First we went quad biking. It was exciting and we were really impressed with how fast George was going! I had a practise, then went around three times. We had to earn points by avoiding hitting the cones. I earned ten points! 

After that, my group went climbing. We were taught how to belay, which means holding the rope for the people who are climbing so they don't fall. This rhyme helped, "knuckles, pocket, reach around, lock it." Everyone had a go at climbing and Ellie, Maddie and Kalum got all the way to the top. 

Lunch was great, we had yummy hotdogs. Mrs Currie arrived, which was epic, and Mrs Grandsen left, which was sad. Our group went abseiling and lots of people found it a bit scary, but most people had a go. We then went to do Survivor, which meant we learnt how to live outside civilisation. We found out how to build shelters and make fires! 

After all that, it was finally time for dinner! We ate chicken curry and then all got ready for the disco!! Lots of people danced, and Miss Beak and Mrs Currie enjoyed "Cotton eye Joe!" 

We had fun but we were feeling very tired so it was time to get into bed. Zzzzzz another day over! 

Thanks for reading! 
Sam L and Mrs C 


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