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Social media and school

Please be careful when using social media and think carefully about your behaviour online, if you have any issues or concerns please come and see us, phone the office, send an email or send us a message through the website.


There are some scary facts about Facebook and social media you might want to know…


1. You can NEVER have a private conversation on Facebook

Even if your privacy settings are set to the highest level your comments and photos can still be searched for and read by anyone!


2. Facebook’s business plan is to get you to share as  much personal information as possible

They use this information to target you with adverts – have you ever wondered why one day you are discussing holidays online and the next day the adverts on your Facebook page are about holiday companies!?


3. 8 out of 10 employers will carry out an internet search on their employees or potential employees

There have been some high profile cases in the news where Facebook users have been fired due to aggressive and inappropriate comments made online.


4. A comment you make online today will stay on the internet forever (even if it’s deleted)

If these comments don’t put you in a good light, they may come back to haunt you in years to come. Facebook take data snapshots throughout the day so nothing can ever be fully deleted.


5. Schools, businesses and organisations can take legal action against offensive comments made online

There have been cases of legal action taken against groups of people involved in a conversation even if they haven’t all made offensive comments – if a conversation you’re part of is getting ‘out of hand’, stop making comments and report it!



The Local Authority has issued guidelines for parent, carers and families. Please read these, they can be found under the tab ‘Parents’ and then click ‘Social Media’


We are planning to run some ‘Online Safety’ workshops for parents and carers in the New Year, keep an eye on the website for more information. These will tell you more about how to keep yourself and your children safe online.

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